Välkomna till Chateau de Ron

Små ytor som man måste trolla med....typ kontor plats är alltid svårt att få till !!
Här är några alternativ...min favotit är den sista bilden!
 Vad gillar ni bäst?

Small-Space Home Offices
Spare bedrooms aren't the only spaces that make great home offices.
 Now a closet, corner, hallway, or even the kitchen island can become the perfect workspace.

Simplicity is key in small spaces.
 A cozy nook like this needs only the essentials.
This built-in desk has one large drawer for files and smaller drawers for office supplies.
 Semicustom cabinetry options are an affordable way to get exactly what you want.
 Consult your local cabinetry store or home center to explore design options.

Move your sofa to the center of your living room or family and use the space behind it as a home office.

Utilize spare kitchen space by adding adjustable wire shelving to bare walls.
  Create a seamless transition by continuing the kitchen color scheme in the underdesk storage area.

Keep a small office from feeling cramped by using versatile furniture.

Freestanding bookcases line the half-wall behind the desk.
 File cabinets beneath the desktop add more storage for paperwork and bills.

Put an extra closet to use by converting it into a clever and inexpensive workstation.
 Remove the doors and any extra shelving, paint the interior of the closet, and simply add a desk!

The spare bedroom shouldn't be just for guests.
 Make the most of a seldom-used space by adding a home office!

Create an inspiring work space in a room corner by infusing it with color. Let color be the focus by limiting the area to just a desk and chair!

A wall-mount desk provides the perfect base for a home office.
 Attach a simple surface to any free wall space for an instant workstation.
 Here, part of a distressed wooden table has been transformed into a creative center.
Fun details, such as an old studio chair, graters repurposed as utensil holders, and a bed-spring memo board, give this space a complete look.

With spaces to work, sleep, and relax, there's hardly a reason to leave this master suite.

A two-sided desk doubles the workspace, but not the used floor space.
 This desk is assembled from an unfinished bookcase and a laminate-covered piece of medium-density fiberboard structured by two pairs of legs.

Tack för ert besök.....VÄLKOMNA ÅTER !

Ha en trevlig kväll i blåsvädret, nu blir det spisen...

Christina :))

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